The Philosopher's Style B&W Cover

The Philosopher's Style B&W Cover

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“The Philosopher’s Style” presents 80 new and unpublished short stories and interviews that Beatrix has composed over the years. The short stories are philosophical and fantastical, nostalgic and sharp. The interview subjects represent the range of humanity that is the intrepid and empathetic web that Beatrix spins. As in life, Beatrix provides a cosmic space for others to share themselves. The prose of “The Philosopher’s Style” was given room to evolve into “textual painting”: creating a synesthetic quality for the reader. The images of the book span decades and include her archival photos, sketches, paintings, sculptures, and a new photo shoot by Ari Seth Cohen from Advanced Style. This book is both a lifetime in the making and just another adventure from one of the most unique women to roam amongst us. It is truly a gift.

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Beatrix assumes the role of nomadic scholar and reluctant mystic. She holds Space in such abundance that she has plenty to give. And she does, often and freely. One can accept it or not. One can see it or not. This gift arrives in laughter, conversation, silence—and advice that is never unsolicited. Creation is best served without exposition. 

-Brantly Martin


This glorious sensation, this excess, this saturated intensity is animated by her seriousness. By the everydayness of her creative life. The work of Making. That is the true line of her life. She is an artist. When I look straight into her pale eyes, there is a curious child, a teenage rebel, an ardent lover, an angry woman, there is a loving mother and a friend who demands my presence and forgives my failures.

-Savitri Durkee


Beatrix is a one-of-a-kind woman. Her sense of style is her life. A Philosopher first; then an Author, an Artist, a Designer, a Decorator, a Stylist, a Mother, a Sister, a Lover and a Muse. A friend to many and an enemy of none. She is a self-declared “Ambassador of Peace.” She creates objects that cohabitate. They suggest conversations or ideas for meditation. They might be a sentimental ode to those moments in life that must be embodied in art to be remembered, to remind you that overall . . . In your body is a good place to be.

-Valentina Ilardi Martin